Hi! I'm John Badovinac. Born in Toronto's West End at St. Joseph's Hospital, I continue to live in the same area today. Having grown up in Bloorcourt Village, and also spent a number of years in Mississauga, I have an excellent knowledge of all points in-between. My wife and I and our kids live in Sunnylea now, and we plan to be here for a long time to come. 

Back in 1990 I bought my first property. I still clearly remember the feeling of exhilaration I felt when I signed on the dotted line. Home ownership meant so much to me, and it immediately opened my eyes to the possibilities; not only was it my home, it was a huge investment. I was on my way! I learned about maintenance, renovation, mortgages, taxes, etc - all that comes with property ownership.

A few years later it came time to move on and sell that first property. I decided I was bright & resourceful, so I could do it myself... to top it off, my buyer was my tenant living in the property! Well, I quickly learned that selling a home by the owner was not for the faint of heart. Soon after I decided to go into real estate, and haven't looked back. Now I specialize in that exact thing I found to be so troublesome while going it alone. I get satisfaction from helping my clients through those confusing and often anxious times encountered when buying or selling property. 

Prior to Real Estate I wore different hats, all of which have prepared me for my eventual calling. I have a technical background with a strong understanding of mechanical systems and structure, but I also have experience in corporate sales, so my negotiating skills serve my client's purposes well. Above all, I hold one interest higher than all others: my client's. It is my absolute promise.